Seven Archetypal Stones by Nicholas Pearson


A guide to the mystery teachings of the mineral kingdom for catalyzing spiritual growth and healing Focuses on 7 essential crystal and gemstone mentors: obsidian, jade, lapis lazuli, emerald, quartz, amethyst, and diamond Integrates crystal lore from around the world with mineral science to reveal the archetypal wisdom embodied within each stone Provides crystal healing exercises and meditations on the specific spiritual work each stone archetype supports Stones and crystals are our most ancient teachers. The relationships between the mineral kingdom and the human kingdom are as old as life itself, for the mineral kingdom–comprised of beautiful crystals, dense rocks, sands, clays, and everything in-between–is the very foundation upon which life developed on Earth. Supporting humanity through the eons, these teachers offer curative and restorative properties for healing as well as powerful guidance to catalyze spiritual growth.

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